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Naming your OC: Some people find that naming your OC before designing them, choosing their abilities, choosing their personality, etc. is easier than creating the character. I usually do this step last. Anyways, it's important to understand how the Japanese choose their children's name. Naruto doesn't take place in Japan but it is based in an Eastern Asian culture and world. Japanese people don't have middle names. Also the Japanese don't usually name their children after a relative or themselves. They usually take a kanji from whomever's name they want to give their child. For example, if the father's name is Daiki the son might get the kanji "dai" and might be named Daisuke. Some names that are ridiculously common among Naruto OCs are Ookami, Tori, Yuki, Akuma, Kumiko, Mai, Yumi, Kiyo, Kyo, Nami Yuri, Ai, Ken, Dan, Kei, Keiko, Chi, Emi, Emiko (I do have one but I chose it for the meaning. ^^; ) Akiko, Sora, Ryu, Rin, Rei, Tora, Yuu, Amaya, Aka, Kuro (I'm such a hypocrite), Gen,  and Kimiko.

Also you should give your OC a Japanese name. The letter "l" does not exist in the Japanese language so your OC's name should not have an "l" in it. If their name has an "l" in it simply replace the "l" with an "r". Leiko would become Reiko.

You should try to give your OC a name that reflects something about them or about their parents. For example if your OC's mother liked spring you could name your OC Haruko or simply Haru. If your character is shy and introverted you could name her Shizuko, which means "quiet child".

Names that in end –o, -ro, -ya, or –shi are typically male names while names that end in –ko, -mi, -e, or –yo are female names.

Once you have your OC's first name you should create a family name (their last name) if you want to create your own clan. Family names are usually written with two kanji. The meanings of many kanji used in family names are related to nature or geographical names or locations, for example, mountain (yama), tree (ki), rice field (ta), island (shima), village (mura), bridge (hashi), between (naka), below (shita) etc. Some of the most common Japanese family names are Sato, Suzuki, Takahashi, Tanaka and Watanabe.

Some common components of surnames are:
Japanese  English
aka red
aki autumn
-bashi bridge
-da rice paddy
fuji wisteria
fuku good fortune; wealthy
furu old
-gawa river
-guchi mouth
hana flower
hara field; plain
hashi bridge
hira flat; smooth
hon base; main
hoshi star
ichi one
iwa rock
kami god
kami upper, top
kawa river
ki tree
kita north
kuchi mouth
kuro black
marui round
matsu pine
miya Shinto shrine
mori forest
moto base; origin
mura village
nabe pan; pot
naka middle
nishi west
-no field; plain
o (long) large; great
o (short) little
oka hill
saka slope
saki headland, cape
sawa marsh; swamp
shima island
shita lower; below; base
suzu bell
ta rice paddy
taka high
take bamboo
-to wisteria
toku virtuous
toyo plentiful; abundant
ue upper; top
wa peace; harmony
-wara field; plain
yama mountain
yoshi good luck; joy
-zawa marsh; swamp
zen good; virtue

And some more components of surnames:
Here are the most common geographic features (including plants and man-made locations) used in surnames, with their usual pronunciation and meaning :

# 川 (kawa) : river
# 橋 (hashi
) : bridge
# 井 (i) : well
# 田 (ta, da) : rice paddy
# 原(hara, bara, wara) : plain
# 野 (no) : field
# 芝 (shiba) : lawn
# 藤 (fuji) : wisteria
# 松 (matsu) : pine tree
# 杉 (sugi) : Japanese cedar
# 竹 (take) : bamboo
# 木 (ki) : tree
# 林 (hayashi) : woods, copse
# 森 (mori) : forest
# 坂 (saka) : slope
# 岡 (oka) : hill
# 山 (yama) : mountain
# 池 (ike) : pond
# 沼 (numa) : swamp, lake
# 沢 (zawa) : swamp, marsh
# 崎 (saki) : promontory
# 石 (ishi) : stone
# 岩 (iwa) : rock
# 谷 (tani) : valley
# 浜 (hama) : beach
# 島 (shima) : island
# 村 (mura) : village
# 里 (sato) : small village
# 戸 (to) : gate
# 宮 (miya) : palace
# 神 (kami) : god

The following are a less common in surnames :

# 土 (do, tsuchi) : earth
# 桜 (sakura) : cherry tree
# 菊 (kiku) : chrysanthemum
# 寺 (tera) : temple
# 神 (kan, kami) : deity
# 堀 (hori) : moat, canal
# 江 (e) : inlet, bay
# 滝 (taki) : waterfall
# 泉 (izumi) : spring

As for adjectives, the most common are probably these ones :

# 高 (taka) : high
# 大 (oo) : big
# 子 (ko) : small
# 中 (naka) : middle
# 上 (ue, kami) : above
# 下 (shita, shimo) : under
# 富 (tomi) : rich
# 細 (hoso) : narrow
# 広 (hiro) : broad
# 長 (naga) : long
# 永 (naga) : eternal
# 丸 (maru) : round
# 黒 (kuro) : black
# 白 (shira, shiro) : white
# 青 (ao) : green, blue
# 吉 (yoshi) : good
# 福 (fuku) : lucky

Note that some nouns are used like adjectives, as they characterize a geographic location
# 本 (moto) : origin
# 口 (guchi) : mouth, entry
# 熊 (kuma) : bear
# 稲 (ina) : rice-plant
# 酒 (saka) : alcohol
# 金 (kane) : money

There are a lot of good name sites so be sure to search the interwebs for names.

This is one of the most important parts of a Naruto OC. This is what separates your OC from others. The worst possible way to describe your OC's personality is a list of words like sweet, shy, sarcastic, and serious. Try to give them a realistic personality and avoid making them a cardboard cutout.
Here are some questions to help you start making your character's personality:
1. Are they an introvert or an extrovert? Why?
2. What are some of their flaws? (Clumsiness is NOT a flaw.)
3. Are they a follower or a leader? Why?
4. What are some of their strengths?
5. Are they selfish or selfless? Why?
6. Are they cruel or kind? Why?
7. Are they even tempered or do they have anger issues? Why?
8. Are they patient or impatient? Why?
9. Are they serious? Why?
10. Are they cold or friendly? Why?
11. Are they intelligent?
12. Are they loyal? Why?
13. Do they have trouble relating with others or sharing their feelings? Why or why not?
14. Are they loud or quiet? Why?
15. Are they naïve?
16. Are they determined? Why?
17. How do they react to change?
18. Are they rebellious? Why or why not?
19. Are they ruthless and ambitious? Why or why not?
20. What are their goals in life and how do they plan to achieve them?
21. How would they describe their personality?
22. How would others describe their personality?
23. Do they forgive people easily? Why or why not?
24. Are they an optimist or a pessimist? Why?
25. Are they cheerful? Why or why not?
26. Do they have trouble trusting others? Why or why not?
27. Are they trustworthy and reliable? Why or why not?
28. Are they mature or immature? Why?
29. What are their motivations?
30. What do their friends and family like about them?
31. Are they straightforward? Why or why not?
32. Are they blunt? Why or why not?
33. Do they show their emotions? Why or why not?
34. Do they care about what other people think about them? Why or why not?
35. How do they solve problems?
36. Are they ambitious? Why or why not?
37. Are they arrogant? Why or why not?
38. How would they react to someone threatening someone or something they cared about? Why?
39. Are they curious? Why or why not?
40. Do they speak formally or informally?
41. Are they argumentative? Why or why not?
42. Do they enjoy conflict? Why or why not?
43. When do they feel the most uncomfortable? Why?
44. Are they a loner? Why?
45. Are they open-minded? Why or why not?
46. Do they have trouble adapting? Why or why not?
47. Are they a daredevil or cautious? Why or why not?
48. How do they feel about themselves? Why do they feel that way?
49. What is their soft spot?
50. What are they willing to risk their life for?

Once you have a good idea of your OC's personality you could answer these questions:
1. What is their favorite food? Why?
2. What is their most valued possession? Why?
3. What is their least favorite food? Why?
4. What are their hobbies?
5. What is their favorite animal? Why?
6. What is their favorite color? Why?
7. What is their least favorite color? Why?
8. How do they spend a rainy day?
9. What is their biggest fear? Why?
10. Who are the most important people in their life? Why?
11. What is their favorite thing to do with friends? Why?
12. What is their favorite fruit? Why?
13. What is their favorite beverage? Why?
14. What is their birthday?
15. What is their favorite flower? Why?
16. Do they have any nicknames? How did they receive them?
17. What are they talented at?
18. What are they extremely unskilled at?
19. What is their biggest accomplishment?
20. What single event would most throw your OC's in complete turmoil? Why?
21. What is the worst thing that could happen to your character? Why?
22. What are there pet peeves? Why?

Designing your Character: Even if you don't draw you should still design what your character looks like. Make sure to follow these rules:
1. Don't show too much skin. Short shirts that look more like bras than shirts should be avoided at all costs. Short skirts with no bandages, fishnet, or shorts under them should also be avoided. And for male OCs don't make them go shirtless.
2. Heels+Ninjas=BAD IDEA! Now you may be saying "BUT TSUNADE WEARS HEELS!" Well she works in an office /all/ day and before she became Hokage she probably wasn't do a lot of fighting. Heels are hard to fight in and they would hurt your feet.
3. No neon colors. If your OC wears neon green clothes and hot pink boots they would stand out. Yes Naruto wears orange, but it's not neon orange.
4. Floor length hair is a bad idea. Pretty self-explanatory.
6. Jeans are a bad idea.
7. Long skirts are a bad idea.
8. Straps on shirts are your best friends
10. No slutty clothes for teen girls.

Alright so you should first decide on their hair and eye color. Think about and answer these questions:
In manga, hair has more to do with symbolism than it does with fashion or physics. The symbolism of the hair style and the hair color can be interpreted differently, but there are some common suggestions.

Red- energetic, outspoken, good fighter, stubborn and strong-willed.
Blond- Stands out in a crowd, youthful, naive and a little ditzy.
White or silver- extremely powerful or dignified.
Violet- Exotic and knowledgeable, but somewhat secretive.
Green- Unpredictable, good-natured outsider.
Brown or black- traditional or "normal" Easy to relate to.
Pink- naive, innocent, and bubbly.
Blue- youthful, energetic, cool and introverted.

Ponytails- cute, energetic, and a little ditzy.
Long, straight hair- traditional and down-to-earth.
Long bangs falling into face- something to hide.
Spiky- Energetic and youthful.
Short- Conservative.
What is their hair color?
Is it thick or thin?
Is it straight or curly?
How long is it?
What type of bangs do they have?
Do they have a widow's peak?
What is their distinguishable hair feature (Bald, receding hairline, side bangs, side part, center part, etc.)?
What is their typical hairstyle?
Is their hair frizzy, spiky, or curly?
Do they have any hair accessories?

Now for eye color:
1. What color are their eyes?
2. Do the have two different colored eyes?
3. Do they have flecks in their eyes?

Clothes: This is probably the post challenging designing part. It's entirely up to you what your character wears but I would suggest choosing clothes that reflect your OC's personality and interests. Here are some questions to think about and answer:

1. What is their color scheme?
2. Are the colors logical for a ninja to wear?
3. Do the colors say something about your OC?
4. Do they wear a kimono or an outfit that resembles a kimono?
5. Do they wear a cheongsam or a cheongsam-like outfit?
6. Do they wear a hanbok or a hanbok-like outfit?
7. Do they wear an ao dai or an outfit that resembles an ao dai?
8. Does their shirt have long sleeves, short sleeves or no sleeves?
9. Does their shirt have a collar?
10. Is their shirt low cut?
11. Does their shirt have a design on it? What is it?
12. Do they wear a vest or a jacket?
13. Does their shirt have a zipper or buttons?
14. How short is their shirt? Does it reveal their navel?
15. Do they have pockets on their shirt?
16. Do they wear pants, shorts, or leggings?
17. How long are their pants?
18. Does their pants have a design on them?
19. Are their pants baggy, loose, or tight?
20. Are their pants easy to move around in?
21. Do they wear bandages or fishnet leggings?
22. What type of sandaru do they wear?
23. Do they wear a skirt?
24. How long is the skirt?
25. Is their skirt easy to move around in?
26. Do they wear pants, shorts, or leggings under their skirt?
27. Does their skirt have slits?
28. Does their skirt have a design on it?
29. Is their skirt loose and flowing or tight fitting?
30. Do they wear a dress?
31. How long is the dress?
32. Is it easy to move around in?
33. Is it tight fitting or loose and flowing?
34. Do they wear shorts, leggings, or pants under their dress?
35. Does their dress have a design on it?

1. Where do they wear their hitai-ate (ninja headband)?
2. Do they wear it as a necklace (like Hinata), as a headband (like Sakura), over their forehead (like most Naruto characters), tied around their arm (like Shikamaru) or as belt (like Ino)?
3. Do they wear any jewelry? If so, what type of jewelry do they wear?
4. Do they wear hairclips or ribbons in their hair?
5. Do they wear a hat?
6. Do they wear a belt or a sash?
7. Do they wear a scarf?
8. Do they wear a coat, jacket, or vest?
9. Do they wear bandages or fishnet on their arms and legs?
10. Do they wear gloves?
11. Are the gloves fingerless?
12. How long are the gloves?
13. Do they wear shin guards and wrist guards?
14. Do they wear socks or tights?
15. Do they carry a bag?
16. What type of bag is it?
17. How long are the straps?
18. Do they wear an obi?
19. Do they wear wristbands?
20. Do they wear make up? If so, what kind?
21. Do they have any tattoos?
22. Where do they have them?
23. What type of tattoos are they?
24. Do they wear leg warmers?
25. Do they wear glasses?
26. Do they wear a poncho or a cloak?

Once you have a pretty good idea of what you want your OC to look like you should either write down a description of them or draw them and their outfi

Let's move on to their ninjutsu and abilities. First choose your OC's two or three elements. Your OC MAY NOT USE ALL FIVE ELEMENTS.
Here are some things to avoid when thinking about their fighting skills and techniques:
3. THEY MAY NOT USE THE CHIDORI OR RASENGAN unless they are next gen. OCs.
6. THEY MAY NOT HAVE THE SHARINGAN unless they are next gen. OCs.
7. They can't have an unlimited amount of chakra.
8. No one hit KO moves that are unavoidable and have no weakness.
9. They may NOT be all powerful.
16. Avoid giving them the Rinnegan.
17. Do not give them TWO kekkai genkais.
18. No shapeshifting techniques.
19. Don't give them telekinesis, telepathy, or mind control because it makes no sense in the Naruverse.
20. They may not have wings or be able to fly.
21. They may not be taught special techniques by canon characters.
22. Don't make them immortal like Hidan. It's stupid. Kishimoto has never said that being a Jashinist automatically makes you immortal. I mean, if all Jashinists were immortal than wouldn't the Akatsuki have recruited as many Jashinists as they could.
23. If they use an instrument as a weapon make sure that the instrument is JAPANESE.

Sorry about the caps abuse. Anyways, answer these questions:
1. Do they rely on ninjutsu, genjutsu, or taijutsu?
2. Do they have good chakra control?
3. Are they fast?
4. What is their fighting style like?
5. Do they have an elegant and graceful fighting style or a messy and awkward fighting style?
6. Do they rely on defensive moves or offensive moves?
7. Do they combine their ninjutsu with their taijutsu?
8. What are their weaknesses?
9. Do they use weapons a lot?
10. What type of weapons do they use?
11. What animal do they summon?
12. Do they use long range or short range attacks?
13. Are they predictable in battle?
14. Do they rely on cunning or brute force?
15. Are they strategic?
16. Do they tire out easily?
17. Do they combine their ninjutsu with a weapon?
18. How strong are they?
19. Do they use medical ninjutsu?
20.   What does their fighting style say about them?

Weapons section!

In this section I will cover weapons that your OC could use and how they are used. I will also include links to more information on the weapons.

Deer Horn Knives: These are bladed Chinese weapons that consist of two steel crescents crossing.  
Uses: They are mainly used in trapping the opponent's weapon to help tying up or breaking an opponent's weapon, disarming the opponent and other close combat uses.

Hanbo: This is a Japanese weapon that was traditionally 90 cm long, which is exactly half the length of the usual staff, the rokushakubo.
Uses: It can be used for striking, restraining or throwing someone.

Tonfa: The origin of the tonfa is debated, but it is believed to have originated in China or Indonesia.
Uses: I'm too lazy so I'll just link to this:…

Yawara: This is a Japanese weapon that takes the form of one or two small and thick sticks which stick out at about an inch from each side of the hand.
Uses: It is used in pairs to initiate throws, bone breaks, and pressure point strikes.

Eku: This is weapon of Okinawan kobudo that originated from an oar, and is approximately 160 cm in length.
Use: Because of the eku's weight it can be capitalized on the momentum of large circular attacks. The blade is also used for creating and manipulating air pressure, giving it higher acceleration and maneuvering velocity.

I'm just going to put the link:

Kanabo: This is an iron or steel club that was used in Japan. It's extremely heavy.
Use: It can be used to smash the opponent's armor, and break their bones.

Yari: These are pretty darn epic. I simply can't do justice to them so I will provide a link:

Butterfly Swords: This is a Chinese weapon that was originally from the South of China. The blade of a butterfly sword is about as long as the human forearm, which makes it easy to conceal inside sleeves or boots, and it allows for greater maneuverability when spinning and rotating during close-quarters fighting.
Use: It can be used as a knuckleduster and to block or hook the opponent's weapon.

Kusarigama: This is a traditional Japanese weapon that consists of kama (the Japanese equivalent to a sickle) on a metal chain with an iron weight at the end.
Use: By swinging the chain over their head and then whipping it forward to entangle the opponents weapon or immobilizing the opponent's limbs, the user can easily rush forward and strike with the kama. It can be used to strike with the weighted end of the chain.

Kyoketsu Shoge: This is a double-edged blade, with another blade attached at 90 degrees to it. This is attached to 12-18 feet of rope, chain, or hair, which ends in a metal ring.
Uses: The blade can be used for pulling slashes as well as thrusting stabs. The chain or cord could be used for climbing, ensnaring an opponent, binding an opponent, and many other uses.

Meteor Hammer: This is another personal favorite of mine. This is a Chinese weapon, consisting at its most basic level of two weights connected by a rope or a chain.
Uses; It can be used to defend, parrying attacks, or ensnaring an opponent.

Wind and Fire Wheels: These are the weapons that that guy named Axel used in KH. You might be thinking, "BUT WAIT! Axel used chakrams! Not wind and fire wheels!" To which I say "Hahaha no." Chakrams are used for throwing and Axel used his circular blade for melee combat. Anyways, each wheel is a flat metal ring approximately 38 cm in diameter.
Use: They can be used for slashing, stabbing, disarming, or parrying.

Fukiya: This is a Japanese blowgun. Not much to say.


For the list of martial arts weapons ignore the western weapons.

When choosing a weapon you should try to learn as much as possible about the weapon. Consider if it's practical for a ninja to use and whether it's proper for your character. Take into consideration your OCs strength and speed.

There's not anything else I can really say. It's up to you.

Relationships: This is also an important part of your OC.
Here are some guidelines before we get started.
1. Your OC may not be Sasuke's, Itachi's, or any other villain's boyfriend or girlfriend. In my opinion SasukexOC never ever works. Unless you can pull ItachixOC off it should be avoided.
2. One-night stands are totally okay for adult canon characters.
3. Sakura gets a lot of hate and people always turn her into a total bitch and totally out of character. This happens a lot and most of the people who do this pair their OCs with Sasuke. People also make Sakura super jealous of their OC. It's perfectly okay to have an OC who hates Sakura but don't make Sakura into some out of character (OOC) slutty bitch who insults people and treats them like crap.
4. Same with Ino.
5. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON'T PUT THEM ON A CANON TEAM. It's one of the stupidest things you can do and it NEVER works.
6. They may not be BFF's with every single canon character.
7. Everyone may not love them.
8. They may not be dating, married, or engaged to a canon character.
9. YOUR OC MAY NOT BE RELATED TO A CANON CHARACTER. A distant cousin is okay but if you pair them with the character they are related to then it's incest!
10. Crushes are okay.
11. Revenge on a canon character=no.
12. Incest=No.
13. Your OC may not play an important in a canon character's past and vice versa.
14. Keep canon characters in character.
15. Don't make them have abusive parents or guardians.
16. They may not be the long lost son or daughter of a canon character.
17. They may not be the adopted daughter or son of a canon character.
18. They may not be the adopted sibling of a canon character.

Anyways, here are some questions to answer and think about:

1. What is their relationship with their parents like? Why?
2. Who are their closest friends? Why?
3. Who are their acquaintances?
4. What is their relationship with their teammates and their sensei? Why?
5. Who are their enemies? Why?
6. Who are the most important people in their life? Why?
7. Who do they look up to? Why?
8. Who looks up to them? Why?
9. Do they have any brothers and sisters? Who are they?
10. What is their relationship with their siblings? Why?
11. Who is on their team?
12. Who hates them? Why?
13. Who do they a crush on? Why?
14. Who has a crush on them? Why?
15. Who are their rivals? Why?

Making a team is an important part of an OC. You may want to completely think of your OC's team or you may prefer making a team with friends. It's up to you.

Before I start on the history section let me lay out some rules:
1. No tragic pasts. It's okay if one or two people they knew died but if everyone they cared about dies then your OC might be labeled as a Mary-sue/Gary-Stu.
2. Don't make them an important part of a canon characters past. Don't even make them a part in a canon character's past or make a canon character part of their past.
3. No abusive family members. Not much to say here.
4. No revenge stories. We don't need fifty million Sasuke rip-offs running around.

And with those rules in mind let's proceed.
What was their childhood like? Was it happy, sad, or normal? What are some important events that changed them or made them who they are?
What were there years as a genin like? What important events happened? Who were some of the important people to them during this time?
Time Skip:
What happened to them during the time skip? Who were the people who were important to them?

Here are some questions to think about an answer:
1. What is their first memory?
2. What is their best memory? Why?
3. What is their worst memory? Why?
4. What is their favorite memory?
5. How did they meet their friends?
6. What memory affects them the most? Why?
7. What events made them who they are? Why?

The Clan:
Rule time again!
1. Don't make them a member of a canon clan that is wiped out liked the Uchiha clan or the Kaguya clan.  This rule is one of the most important and necessary rules to follow when making a Naruto OC. The only exception to this rule is if the character is a next generation OC.
2. Do not make them the only member of a clan because they are the last member of their clan. This is a sign of a Mary-sue/Gary-stu.
3. No rip off clans. Be creative.
4. Be creative with the symbol. Make sure the symbol has something to do with the clan.
5. Try not to make your clan the Inuzuka clan but with different animals.

What clan are they in? Is it a canon clan or is it a made-up clan? Who are some of the members of their clan? What are some of the characteristics of the clan? What is the clan's history?

Kekkai Genkai:
Does your character have a canon Kekkai Genkai or is it a made up one. If it is a canon Kekkai Genkai follow the number one rule.
1. They may not have the Sharingan or stuff like that unless it is a next generation OC.

If it is a made up kekkai genkai there are also some rules.
1. No rip offs of canon kekkai genkai.
2. No super unstoppable all-powerful kekkai genkais.
3. No Kekkai Genkais that can let your OC read minds. It doesn't work.
4. Avoid kekkai genkais that center around the eyes. There's actually been only ONE eye kekkai genkai that was creative, useful, and actually HAD SOMETHING TO DO WITH EYES.

That's pretty much it. Anyways, think of the answer to these questions:
1. What are the special abilities of your kekkai genkai?
2. How do they activate the kekkai genkai?
3. Is the Kekkai genkai offensive or defensive? Is it both?
4. How is it used?
5. What can it do?

Part Six: Village and Rank
Once again we have some rules:
1. Try to avoid made up villages unless you have thought them out really well and have a culture, clans, geography, history, and alliances thought out.
2. Your OC cannot be the last person from a village.
Moving on… Is your OC from a canon village or a made up one? Is that where they were born? If not what village did they originally come from? Why did they leave that village?
3. Villages would not accept any stranger waltzing into the village. Especially Sound and Konoha.

Rule time:
1. Unless your character is like forty or fifty they can't be a sannin.
2. Unless your character is in their late twenties and up they can't be an ANBU member, especially the ANBU captain.
3. Same with a kage.
4. Be logical. If your OC is thirteen then they can't be a jonin.
And that pretty much covers it.


I will now list all the clichés that you should avoid.

1. Wolves. Yes, just wolves. Avoid anything wolf related, especially wolf summons and wolf pets.
2. Blind OCs. There are some people who can pull off blind OCs but most people can't.
3. Siblings or friends who betray their village.
4. Eye kekkai genkai.
5. Jashinists.
6. Glowing eyes.
7. Kekkai genkais that make people glow.
8. Glowing in general.
9. Did I mention glowing?

And finally, I shall list some rules in general.

1. Learn about Japanese culture. This includes body language, customs, food, instruments, etc.
2. Learn about traditional eastern Asian clothing and weapons.
3. Learn which animals live, or lived, in eastern Asia and Japan. This means that these are the types of animals that can exist in the Naruverse. I will list some here:

Asian rhino
Pacific cod
Black-tailed Gull
Japanese wrinkled frog
Nankeen Night Heron
Keeled ratsnake
Northern Boobook
Kajika frog
Japanese Cormorant
Japanese coral snake
Patagonian toothfish
Olive-backed Pipit
Asian elephant
Black-headed Ibis
Hida salamander
Pink salmon
Asian lion
Malayan Night Heron
Montane brown frog
Satsukimasu salmon
Sea otter
Kampira falls frog
Black Woodpecker
Asian keelback
Shiho's seahorse
Holst's frog
Japanese Bush-warbler
Chinese soft-shelled turtle
Meadow Bunting
Japanese otter
Little Tern
Japanese black salamander
Brown Shrike
Chinese box turtle
Blue-and-White Flycatcher
Iriomote cat
Snowflake moray
Hakuba salamander
Japanese Grosbeak
Common house gecko
Northern Shoveler
Japanese shrew mole
Bohemian Waxwing
Ishikawa's frog
Northern Lapwing
Japanese pond turtle
Japanese Murrelet
Hokuriku salamander
Okinawa Woodpecker
Asian yellow pond turtle
Cinereous Vulture
Japanese water shrew
Okinawa flying-fox
Japanese Accentor
Oriental leaf-toed gecko
Oriental Dollarbird
Japanese stream toad
Bonin White-eye
Okinawa pitviper
Mandarin Duck
Kobe mole
Common Crane
Japanese giant salamander
Oriental Honey Buzzard
Yellowbelly sea snake
Pfeffer's reed snake
Oriental Pratincole
Japanese brown frog
Little Egret
Reeves's muntjac
Chinese Egret
Tiger keelback
Oriental Scops-owl
Ryukyu leaf turtle
Owston's chimaera
Japanese Paradise-flycatcher
Namiye's frog
Oriental Stork
Japanese sea lion
Spotted garden eel
Oriental Greenfinch
Blue-banded sea snake
Black Bittern
Sockeye salmon
Mourning gecko
Oriental Turtle-dove
Japanese tree frog
Izu Thrush
Japanese river otter
Common dwarf gecko
Common Cuckoo
Banded sea krait
Japanese Wood-pigeon
Japanese clawed salamander
Japanese squirrel
Lesser Whistling Duck
Loggerhead sea turtle
Pacific Reef Heron
Japanese common toad
Pacific Swift
Ornate reef sea snake
Paddyfield Pipit
Cricket frog
Japanese Woodpecker
Japanese mountain mole
Red-billed Leiothrix
Imaizumi's horseshoe bat
Lidth's Jay
Japanese fire belly newt
Northern Pintail
Slender-necked sea snake
Red-tailed Tropicbird
Odaigahara salamander
Pale Thrush
Black banded sea krait
Red-billed Starling
Japanese marten
Asian Drongo-cuckoo
Tohoku salamander
Red-crowned Crane
Sakashima green snake
Latham's Snipe
Blue-lipped sea krait
Ruddy Kingfisher
Tokyo salamander
Right whale
Copper Pheasant
Japanese mamushi
Dybowski's frog
Rock Ptarmigan
Green turtle
Intermediate Egret
Japanese macaque
Red-rumped Swallow
Hawksbill turtle
Crested Ibis
Japanese rat snake
Ruddy Turnstone
Ryukyu mouse
Asian House Martin
Oita salamander
Rustic Bunting
Japanese striped snake
Ryukyu Minivet
Azumi shrew
Crested Kingfisher
Cane toad
Saunders's Gull
Leatherback turtle
Harvest mouse
Amami Woodcock
Japanese forest rat snake
Steller's Sea Eagle
Stream brown frog
Japanese White-eye
Beauty rat snake
Streaked Shearwater
Japanese weasel
Barred Buttonquail
Common tree frog
Indian Spot-billed Duck
Japanese rhinoceros beetle
Swinhoe's Snipe
Chinese pond turtle
Japanese Quail
Sword-tail newt
Tiger Shrike
Iwasaki's snail-eater
Tundra Swan
Shinto shrew
Amami Thrush
Amami tip-nosed frog
Swinhoe's Storm-petrel
Kikuzato's brook snake
Japanese Scops-owl
Senkaku mole
Japanese Waxwing
Kishinoue's giant skink
Von Schrenck's Bittern
Japanese giant hornet
Asian Brown Flycatcher
Formosan rock macaque
Tufted Duck
Tsushima brown frog
Japanese Robin
Kuroiwa's ground gecko
Varied Tit
Ussuri brown bear
Water Rail
Ezo salamander
Fairy Pitta
Brahminy blind snake
Wedge-tailed Shearwater
Giant Asian mantis
Crested Serpent-eagle
Steller sea lion
White-backed Woodpecker
Otton frog
White-naped Crane
Bonin fruit bat
White-tailed Eagle
Asian giant hornet
Hooded Crane
Echigo mole
Yellow Bittern
Siberian salamander
Hooded Pitta
Small Japanese mole
Falcated Duck
Dall's porpoise
Whooper Swan
Daruma pond frog
Bean Goose
MacClelland's coral snake
Japanese Skylark
Oki salamander
Zitting Cisticola
Tokara habu
Japanese Wagtail
Crested Shelduck
Japanese knotweed psyllid
Yellow Bunting
Siberian chipmunk
Brant Goose
True's shrew mole
Biwa trout
Jewel beetle
Amber-colored salamander
Barred moray
Japanese dormouse
Green Pheasant
Flat-headed wood-borer
Bull trout
Amami rabbit
Striated Heron
Japanese Tit
Ryukyu tip-nosed frog
Chinook salmon
Japanese deer
Great Spotted Woodpecker
Japanese honeybee
Chinook salmon
Dark-spotted frog
Daurian Jackdaw
Asian black bear
Coho salmon
Japanese white-toothed shrew
Conger myriaster
Tsushima salamander
Grey-headed Lapwing
Japanese grass lizard
Anderson's crocodile newt
Daurian Redstart
Elegant tree viper
Crowned seahorse
Ryukyu shrew
Grey-faced Buzzard
Okinawan habu
Great white shark
Amami takachiho snake
Iwame trout
Sado mole
Siberian pit viper
Japanese eel
Shaw's sea snake
Greater White-fronted Goose
Hokkaidō frog
Kirikuchi char
Ryukyu kajika frog
Marbled eel
Sado shrew
Great Egret
Sei whale
Tago's brown frog
Eurasian Spoonbill
Okinawa frog
Japanese Sparrowhawk
Ninespot chimaera

4. Make sure you try to develop your OC over time. I've had most of my Naruto OCs since the fourth grade and I'm still changing them.
5. Take the Mary Sue litmus test. It helps a lot.
6. Don't be afraid to ask for help with your OC.
7. Research is important.
8. Have fun!
9. Experiment with your OC until you're happy with them.
10. Be creative!

And that's that.
God, this took forever and I'm not even completely done with it. Dx

Anyways, I expanded my previous guide and added a lot more stuff and questions.

Hope this helps! 8D
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LunaLaRuna Featured By Owner Edited Nov 7, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
there is a lot of weariness and there are characters in Naruto... Like Itachi who made rather high ranking even at a young age (Don't remember exactly how old) And the Naruto world's norm. is people getting killed almost every few years or decades, so I don't know... Sad pasts are more normal to see in the anime sadly, but truth...
Thank you for putting this up, there is a lot to worry about but its awesome to try writing a decent story (Fan-fiction on Naruto or any anime)

Spoiler for any who haven't seen Naruto... Didn't Itachi Uchiha kill his clan to save them, and sort of get blamed himself? (I am not sure, but is he really a villain for trying to save his brother?)
Wait doesn't Ino use a type of mind jutsu in like...every fight she's in ever...
OtakuToraO3O Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2015
This is really amazing *.*, this must have been taking a lot of time to do. 0.o But what I want to say is THANK YOU. I'm so happy I found this and I'm really looking forward to work with this. :) 
CuteKoi2903 Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2014  Student Digital Artist
This has been a really great help , thank you so much :iconkiligplz:
Pop-PopGun Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Soo if my characters name is Michiko, would sound like that or do I have to pronounce the i's as l's or r's xD I know that this question sounds dumb, but I'm a bit confused here wit pronunciation thing.
shannarho Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2014  Hobbyist
I's are pronounced EE. So, MI-CHI-KO. Think of the I's in Ino's or Hinata's names, you don't pronounce their i's as l's or r's, lol.
Pop-PopGun Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Ah okay, thanks for explaining. I feel so silly lol
shannarho Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2014  Hobbyist
You're Welcome. ^_^ You shouldn't it was simple mistake. ^_^
CheshaZombie Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2014
Its a great help, alas i already had their names :) Megumi and Hisae. Blessing and eternal blessing :)
Lune-nuit Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2014
Well... Komori Kiji is not a Mary-sue... I haven't made any mary-sue! That's a victory! T-T  
Good job by the way and thanks for the help! ;)
XLadyCrowX Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2014
You have a very good point, but I feel you may be somewhat too strict with some things.
Medu-Chan-666 Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my god I'm needing help on my naruto shippuden oc Medusa Nakaseki....I don't want her to become a mary-sue......
princess9903 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014
Well first off, and I don't mean to intrude, but Medusa is not a Japanese name. It is Greek in origin and I'm sure you know it is the name of a mythological being. Personally, I don't think such a name would fit in the Naruto universe but it's your OC so ultimately, it is your decision. Just food for thought.
Medu-Chan-666 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I was thinking that too but I really like how she came out I can't change her now....
princess9903 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014
Oh well if you like it, that's all that matters I guess. It's just that you said you would like some help with your OC so I thought I'd give some pointers. ;) (Wink) 
Medu-Chan-666 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Okay thank you so much
KakariGeikoGirl Featured By Owner May 5, 2014  Student General Artist
I agree with a lot of this, actually sounds like I read this before I created my OC Shun Wakana!:D Maybe a cheat on the Sharingan on my Kiama Hatake tho.........?:o (Eek) Sweating a little... 
WAFFLES134 Featured By Owner May 4, 2014
Thank you so much for posting this!! Your an angel!!! :excited: :excited: :excited: :excited: 
shippuden11 Featured By Owner May 4, 2014
when i started making me oc a couple of years ago they were a mary sue but now i know better
elfmage666 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2014  Student Artist
If it's not too much trouble, may I print this out? I whish to show my friend this how to list and she doesn't have a deviant art account as far as I know. If you won't permit it, then don't worry about it.
Manga-Samurai Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
What about 2 toned eye color for example this the eyes this girl here…
Iris-Huntic Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2014  Student General Artist
thanks this will help a lot and not just with Naruto OCs. arigato.
team-taka-and-hebi Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
have u made a bleach one like this too? if so then that'll be AWESOME!
skyrimfreak Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2014
While i agree with most of this, I feel that a good chunk of it is just crap not because I'm flaming or nothing but... some of this seems REALLY biased there, like they can't have this or that, but for some roleplaying sites it could be quite handy so you sir get a fav
Xtemporary-insanityX Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2014  Professional Writer
Just gonna point this out. Black hair sometimes symbolizes somebody who is normal/easy to relate to but it can also symbolize a character who is dark and/or mysterious (in Naruto, for example: Haku, Zabuza, Sasuke, Orochimaru, Madara, Itachi)
maddesthatter13 Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2014
This was ABSOLUTELY wonderful, I've never thought about the animals in the forests, which I guess I should. My OC's living the warring era, so I guess that I should research on the animals, eh? What's your opnion about my OC living in that era? Just wanted to know....
SpringTreeHaruki Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2014
I have been trying to make a naruto fan fic for a year now and this really helped. All the OCs i made were just lacking, and this really gave them life! ^^
Just one question, is a knee lentgh skirt considered short, and do i need to add shorts or something underneath? 
Leprapimp Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2013
So I'm making an OC and a clan for him the clan has a summoning contract but I'm having issues with the summon creature I'm stuck on these choices Moray Eels, Crabs, Alligators, and Sharks think you could lend me a hand?
GigaPipen1407 Featured By Owner May 31, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It's probably really late, but I think aby but sharks are unorthodox. To be honest, crocodiles are very ferocious and are probably more mobile then the others. It's just me though.
Leprapimp Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2014
Thank and sorry it took a while to thank you I think crocodiles are the best choice from what you and someone else gave me shark do sound cool but with Kisame using them I thought they'd be abit hard to get.
RAWR-keikz Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
this guide is very good and helpful! i don't necessarily agree with the parts about having relationships (familial, love, past, etc) with canon characters cuz i believe that you can come up with a sort of different timeline kind of thing. like i have one in my head that is kakashi's girlfriend/wife and everything normal happens, just with her in it, maybe slightly different. anyway, in general i can agree with all of this.
Game-Cube Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
e.e I soooo broke a lot of these rules... but I've been roleplaying my OC since 2008 and I have her married to a Hidan roleplayer. She's half demon XD her parents hated her, Madara Uchiha adopted her, she awakened a sharingan. She can summon "Guardians." And dang. Pfft ah well, at least the people I roleplay with don't care.
Xtemporary-insanityX Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2013  Professional Writer
I gotta admit, I have a HUGE appreciation for this guide. I wrote a sort of fanfiction for Naruto and shared it on a fanfic site...and made the mistake of checking out some of the others. I saw so much "Itachi Uchiha's lover" and "Naruto's long-lost and somehow never known older brother" and "the little girl who was the sole survivor of some strange massacre and decided to get revenge on the village in a poorly-written melodrama" and "OCxSasuke with Sakura and/or Ino the jealous slutty bitch(es)" bull that I felt like whacking my forehead with my keyboard.

For mine, I spent a long time trying to create a character that was canon-compliant but didn't mess with the canon storyline or borrow too much from canon events (so I could still keep it original) and avoided cliches. It's harder than a lot of people think it is, but ultimately I just tried to create a character that fit in with the setting and the events without altering the events. I wound up bending one or two of the rules you listed...the main OC betrayed her village and there's a revenge subplot, but I did a lot of work to keep it from turning too cliche. The story is set a long time before Naruto starts (at least 20 years pre-Naruto). She was a Konoha ANBU during Danzo's time as head of the full ANBU, and when one of the OC's missions failed in a way that was ultimately humiliating for Danzo (as her overseer) and about 20 people were killed as a result of faulty intel, Danzo's punishment for her was that he placed a genjutsu on her that tricked her into killing her lover, a civilian in Konoha. She defected afterwards and went to Kiri (Mist) for asylum, offering the Mizukage all of the documents and information she had on Konoha in exchange. I did bend on those, but she never goes back to Konoha (throughout the story she has been adopted as part of a Kiri jounin squad) and she never does obtain her revenge on Danzo. The only mention is that at one point, her squad faces off against a Konoha squad, and one of the Konoha ninjas mentions that he'd seen her face in his bingo book. All of the story's events take place long after she defected from Konoha and joined Kiri. The character's clan is canon (maternal descendent of the Nara clan--is a distant cousin of Shikaku Nara) but she has a kekkei genkai (supposedly passed down by her father, whose identity is unknown) that isn't canon--"Metal Release". The only other real canon references are that she was at one point on a team with Kurenai Yuhi's older brother (and had mentioned, while reflecting on Kurenai's childhood, a feeling that Kurenai had the potential to become a great user of genjutsu) and that her long-time best friend is named Ayame Yamanaka and a descendent of the Yamanaka clan (no mention is made of Inoichi Yamanaka).
xinobo Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
What is Merlin doing there? O.O :iconwotplz:
dabiola2 Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2013
are we allowed wolves of one of our ocs is an inuzuka?
Pop-PopGun Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
I think wolves do apply to the inuzuka clan. Looking at Kiba's mothers dogs they're pretty wolf like, so I'd say that it's alright.
Fernlight Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2013
I think this is a great guide. I want to write something SasukexOC ( Don't kill me! ) but I'd literally be breaking alot of the rules. I think Sasuke with someone he just met wouldn't work because she'd have to be someone who he has shared experiences with and can open up to. Which means I have to put her as a good friend in Sasuke's past. And make her a member of his clan so that he would have known her long enough to be like best friends with is that too bad?
Thriaemis Featured By Owner May 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is actually really helpful! I'm currently working on a next generation thing, and I already have quite a few characters but not all of them have been fleshed out yet, so the character questions are really useful:D

I also like the bit about names. I'm not Japanese, or Asian, so the whole naming business can be quite hard. I can never be certain if I have the right translations. To my shame, I have to admit I named one character Kiyo, short for Kiyoshi:S Oh well. At least I didn't call anyone Raven, right?

Anyway, this is a really constructive list that will certainly keep some people from making Mary Sue's. I hope I managed to avoid that as well.
Naoyumi Featured By Owner May 23, 2013
There shouldn't be a problem for me, since my OC's will only appear in a story and meet the Canon characters on their mission, just cooperation between the Canons and my OC's.
But I wonder if it is too bad to write about a mission where Naruto canon travel to the future? One of my OC's have a kekkei genkan which allows her to travel in time, BUT every time she does it it takes a toll on her body and she is very old. Is she too powerful to be a sue? Is it bad if my OC's are shinobis from future and doesn't know anything about the canons?
B3GIN Featured By Owner May 17, 2013  Hobbyist
This was very helpful and insightful--I loved the plethora of examples and links you gave. Everything was laid out extremely well.~ Thank you so much for putting in the time and effort to make this.
I think my OC breaks a few of these rules, but I've tried to cover the discrepancies with logical explanations (still no excuse ahaha...). In short, though, they are still terrible Sue qualities. But I digress. This is a wonderful guidance tool and I truly appreciate that you posted it. :)
LarayaDracomshu Featured By Owner May 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm having a little trouble with my oc's name...but how does "Kawainu Shizenyasha" sound? I had another opinion from someone else...but..lets just say they were a little too impolite about, I don't trust someone who's oc's last name is a already existing cannon name (hyuga). Seems a little off if your going to tell off someone's attempt in a original name.
Seven-deadly-turtles Featured By Owner May 9, 2013  Student Artist
My character has an eye kekkai genkai, but I thought it out for like an entire year (Exaggerating about two months in there) So I hope she's not Sueish ^^
And as for last of her clan ideas, I feel like this is an extremely stupid question but, is it okay for her to have run away at a young age for something completely stupid, and then to have returned to her home in her 40's or 50's (after realizing how stupid she was)to see that they've died?
Myrethy Featured By Owner May 7, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I like making names from Japanese words... and my problem generally isn't fleshing out a character, it's making sure that their backstory doesn't sound like someone else's.
Uniconlol Featured By Owner May 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
so we our oc can't be bff with ex. naruto? or have i just read wrong XD
Seven-deadly-turtles Featured By Owner May 9, 2013  Student Artist
She can but she can't be bff's with every single character in the show :P
Uniconlol Featured By Owner May 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i understand that is like we notcan be friends with everybody on the earth the same with or oc's ^.^ (have i right? o.O)
Seven-deadly-turtles Featured By Owner May 12, 2013  Student Artist
Yeah, that's all she was saying (I'm pretty sure at least :P Because otherwise the character would be closer to an anti-Sue)
So yeah, I would personally suggest no more than 2 bffs, 3 friends and a couple of acquaintances. But that's just me, you do as you please ^^
Uniconlol Featured By Owner May 13, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Seven-deadly-turtles Featured By Owner May 13, 2013  Student Artist
zinske Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2013  Student Artist
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